Never Judge a Flick by it's Trailer: Leatherheads

(part one in a continuing series)

John Krasinski could have so easily been Tobey McGuire (or worse,) and that would have killed my interest almost completely. Also, Clooney is easily one of my favorite actors, and may actually be one of my favorite directors as well (even with only 2 films.) The man has talent, folks. Also the writers seem to have a sports background, which should keep it honest. And God bless them for being OK with the least flashy trailer I have seen in eons. It's like a trailer you would see at the beginning of an old VHS of "Hoosiers." This seems too old-school to be true. Straight-forward meat and potatoes, no gimmicks, like "Bull Durham" minus forty years.

Maybe too sentimental or too slapstick, but I doubt it. Betting on excellent.

RELEASE DATE: 4/8/2008

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