Blue Collar Film Scholar will be on semi-temporary hiatus as I wrap up my semester at school and continue sorting through bags, boxes and totes. So, in the meantime:

The Substance of Style

I had been planning for some time to write a piece entitled "In Defense of Wes Anderson" for this site, but Mr. Zoller Seitz does a pretty damn good job here. (Also - GOD DAMN IT I WANT AN AMBERSONS DVD. I WANT IT. YOU GIVE IT.) Watch all five parts. Will somebody give this guy a show on IFC or something? Speaking of which:

Green Porno

Issabella Rossellini is a freaky, hilarious chick. Watch both seasons. It'll take like twenty minutes.

"If I were a firefly, I would light up my ass at night..."

Not Again: 24 Films Too Painful To Watch Twice

This is old, but I somehow stumbled onto it recently. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't have the balls (or the stomach) to put in
Requiem again. It just sits there on my DVD shelf, menacingly. (PS- A.V. Club is the real deal.)

Criterion Collection: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button gets the Criterion treatment right out of the box. The first since "The Life Aquatic," I believe.

Thinking back on this film, I remember quite a bit, and this release especially has me excited to revisit it. The women in this film were remarkable. Tilda Swinton probably gives the best performance in the film, as she so often does (see:
Michael Clayton,) and Blanchett too was memorable. So what if it's Forrest Gump? I liked Forrest Gump. Didn't you? (Also, for the requisite 8 pages of "OMG wHy iS TCCOBB oN cRiteeeRiON?" click HERE.)

Where the Wild Things Are

In place of a full NJAFBIT posting, click here to check out the trailer for Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are. Best trailer song ever? It works fantastically well. This trailer is awesome, and Jonze has never made a bad movie (they're.. *cough..* both good.) Nuff said. This is a twenty-something indie-kid's Halloween wet dream. These damned hipster filmmakers just refuse to force us all to grow up. (Early contender for trailer of the year. Last years winner was
Pineapple Express, btw.)

in the pipeline: LOG on The Relic. Seriously. Check back often!