LOG: School of Rock

(LOG entries= a screening log of stuff I have recently watched. I can't write a full review for everything, folks.)

Everybody loves to play Guitar Hero. The game is fucking brilliant. School of Rock works at least partly for the same reason; because it plays on the secret dream of everyone (yes, even YOU) to be a rockstar. Jack Black takes all the raunch out of his Tenacious D antics, playing up his sweet, adorable side, and I fall for it every time. He's hilarious, like a living cartoon. ("I got a headache, and the RUNS...")

Behind it all is Richard Linklater, that Texas angel. A director to admire if only for his excellent (probably unparalleled in his generation) track record of being consistently different and nearly always excellent. He threw in a little punk-rock cursing and a "trip to the van," ostensibly as an attempt to teach kids about the pitfalls of the rock 'n roll lifestyle. A noble effort, but it earned him a PG-13. The little ones need to see this anyway. Joan Cusack is bizarre as ever (what the hell is her deal!?) as the school principal and Sarah Silverman shows up to do not much except be the bitchy girlfriend. He teaches a bunch of kids to play rock music! It's empowering! Lots of grown-up (and childlike) life lessons. Watch it when you hate your being an adult.

Also, I think I need to rent "The Bad News Bears.."

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