Log: Up

On second viewing, Up still strikes me the same- fun but flawed. The complete tonal shift that goes down when the the talking birds and talking dogs show up remains a big problem for me. While I admit that these bits are some of the best and funniest in the movie (Doug in particular is hilarious and adorable, and easily the best character in the movie,) it knocks me off balance just enough to put a kink in my enjoyment.

Great Pixar, like great Disney as a whole, makes its living on hearty helpings of pathos, and while it tries to bookend it on the front and back, Up's middle stretch is pretty much pure comedy. While I give them big props for stepping outside of their box, what we end up with is basically a Saturday morning cartoon on steroids; it goes great with a bowl of Cookie Crisp, but by the afternoon you'll be ready for bigger and better things.

PS- Disney/Pixar Exec's: I understand your (greedy) rationale, but not including the short film (the beautiful Partly Cloudly) on your Netflix DVD copies is nothing less than a cardinal sin. For shame.

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