LOG: Snow Angels

There's a word for what David Gordon Green has that so many others don't: Taste. He's just so damn TASTEFUL. Even when he's being distasteful (Pineapple Express,) he's tasteful. A classy dude. And young, too. Best of his generation.

I'm not sure this film ends up being everything it wants to be, but do any of his films? Until he somehow fucks it up (see, perhaps, HERE) I'll watch every movie he ever makes.

+2 for casting Amy Sedaris and Griffin Dunne, even if they don't get to do all that much. -1 for Kate Beckinsale, who is certainly excellent, but probably doesn't belong in this movie, or role.

Green has cornered the market on touching, deliberately (lightly) enigmatic, thoughtful indie dramas. Just the way I like 'em.

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