Log: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I've made a pretty decent run of Halloween movies this year (Black Sabbath, Suspiria, Frailty) and this may end up being the last of the bunch. And I'm not complaining.

This may be the perfect Halloween movie. It starts out in a weird house with a bunch of weird people you don't really know. You're not even sure you wanna be there. There's a bunch of half naked people running around. Someone takes your coat. You're pulled in. Then, music. Laughter. Creepiness. Lust. Liaisons.. Jealousy. And when it ends, it's a real bummer. What else could Halloween be about??
Have a great one tomorrow, whoever you are, however you can.

"Don't dream it - be it." -Dr. Frank-N-Furter - A Scientist

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