Since I haven't written much in the past few weeks, I instead present a little compendium of some writings on or in regards to film that have been holding my interest of late. This may be a recurring thing, maybe not. I decided to give it a name, anyway.

Woody Allen's Spanish Diaries

This is hilarious. Truly, hilarious. I remember a good friend in high school loaned me a book of all three of Woody's early humor collections (Without Feathers, Getting Even, Side Effects.) This was my first taste of the man, and had me aching from laughter during study hall on many a school day. That friend is a bartender now or something now. Haven't seen him in years. God bless him, anyway.

Manny Farber: In memory

Who is Manny Farber??? Until he died, I had no idea. So it goes. A universe of people and things to know, and we all cling on piece by piece as they fly by, or we don't.

Games Cinephile's Play

A fabulous essay, and another newish name that I will have to investigate. I have observed this back and forth behavior many times, and I completely disdain and reject it. Can't people talk seriously and naturally about serious matters without having to engage in some kind of petty duel for intellectual superiority? It's so counterproductive.

By George, Give Up!

A lengthy (lengthy) and academic discourse on why George Lucas sucks. I have not seen Kingdom of the Crystal Spider, but if it's anywhere near as ridiculous as the title (and everyone who saw it) suggests, then this needed to be written.

Herzog and the forms of madness

Yes, yet ANOTHER writing on Herzog by Ebert, cinema's foremost artist/critic butt-buddy duo. But scroll down to to the comments section to find a reply by.. Werner Herzog. Seriously. He has the internet, apparently. Lively discussion commences.

Anyone who doubts the viability of blogs as legitimate and important carriers of language and ideas can now shut the fuck up. They're not just for weirdos, folks.

Not much else to report. Will see Vicky Cristina Barcelona very soon. I'll be taking notes. Have decided to wait for a second viewing to write up Redbelt, Encounters at the End of the World, and WALL-E (but they're all great, by the way.) -GH

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