NJAFBIT: The X-Files: I Want to Believe

WHY I'M INTERESTED: Because the X-Files is probably my favorite show ever, and it's probably yours, too. And because Gillian Anderson is looking more like Juilanne Moore every time I see her. The fact is that the X-Files is the Twilight Zone of our generation. Legendary and timeless.

PREDICTION: I think (I hope) that Chris Carter's still got it. He's the kind of guy that's too big a hard-ass to make this if it wasn't something he thought could work. And the trailer looks good. Whether or not Duchovny and Anderson will be able to give the kind of performances they could in the show's heyday remains to be seen.

Also, plus ten for casting Billy Connolly (this rule applies to all movies ever, including Muppet's Treasure Island,) and for the fact that Robert Patrick is nowhere to be seen. Minus one each for casting X-hibit and Amanda Peet. Eww.

The first movie was balls-out. I have no reason to think that this one won't be.


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