NJAFBIT: The Happening

If ever there was a candidate for NJAFBIT, it's this.

Sadly, this already looks so vague and empty, like Body Snatchers crossed with War of the Worlds on Valium. You know you're in trouble when even a red band trailer has a hard time selling the hard stuff. This looks really weak. I can already see Shyamalan making some flimsily-veiled, preachy, dickheaded discourse on the disconnectedness of people in the internet age, etc. etc. etc.. Anyway, they already made that movie. It's called Pulse. Netflix it, for God's sake.

"We lost contact." *sad piano chord*

"With WHOM?"

".. With everyone."

I get it. Please, PLEASE spare me. Please tell me you've learned from your last two MAJOR mistakes and are actually going to offer up a decent script this time (doesn't look like it.) And spare me another twist ending. As if it's not bad enough that you only seem to know how to make one kind of movie. The schools of copycats you spawned after "The Sixth Sense" are doing it better than you at this point.

If Shyamalan blows another one, I will be really upset. If it sucks but makes money anyway (which still seems possible, somehow) I will be even more pissed. And Mark Wahlberg isn't going to help matters. M. Night, I hope I'm wrong, but.. what the fuck are you thinking??

Better than Lady in the Water and The Village, worse than Unbreakable and Signs.

Or, complete and utter bullshit.


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