Here is Woody Allen, photographed this week in New York City. He's back shooting there again, after 4 films shot in the UK and Europe. I love this photo.

But I hate it when Woody's projects are leaked/announced. Another "Untitled Woody Allen Project." Every year we get two, one shot in the spring, one in the fall, and before the seasons are over the films have been picked apart and ruined by the internet contingent.

I'm not going to let them win this one. I sat out Cassandra's Dream on the basis of lukewarm reviews. The DVD is out soon, so I guess I'll see if I made the right call. Woody is, I'm sure, one of the top five living American film directors. For me, he's number one.

This one has Larry David, and he's back in NYC. I'll be seeing it.

But first, we get Vicki Christina Barcelona. As has been the routine, this will be out around my birthday, in late August. It's got Scarlett again, with Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. He shot it in Spain. And yes, I'll be seeing this one, too. Internet skepticism be damned.

Woody Allen. So good.

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